Wednesday 2 October 2019

On a cold morning the small birds were hungry. Great Tits ...

... a Blue Tit ...

... and the usual Coal Tit were waiting at the bridge ...

... to take pine nuts from my hand.

A Wren stared severely from a bramble.

Tom gave a peanut to a Carrion Crow, which refused it because it wanted some of his lunchtime sandwich instead.

Then it perched on the fence and stared at him until he gave it some more.

Tom had been to Rainham Marshes, where he got a fine shot of a Buzzard on a post.

Geese like apples, and someone had thrown two into the Round Pond, but the Canada Geese found them hard to eat when floating in the water. I fished them out and put them on the grass, and a couple of Greylags came over. One of the apples was a hard Bramley cooking apple which they couldn't manage but the other, a softer eating apple, went down well.

Two of the Bar-Headed x Greylag Goose hybrids flew in from St James's Park. The one at the back is a regular visitor, but the other, with a speckled head, doesn't usually come here.

This female Pochard is usually at Peter Pan, alone and ignoring the forty-odd Pochards at the other end of the Long Water.

A Moorhen and one of the three chicks grazed together in the Dell.

A distant object drifting over Knightsbridge proved to be Thomas the Tank Engine.

Readers might be interested in this BBC Man Alive documentary on Hyde Park, made by John Pitman in 1971.


  1. Thanks for posting the BBC documentary. Now I have a treat to look forward to once I am out of the bureaucratic woods.

    I never tire of watching small birds come to Ralph's hand. I wish I knew how to persuade our birds to be so tame and trusty. No doubt birds know he is their guardian angel, for lack of a better word.

    Did the Carrion Crow had the gall to steal that bit of sandwich and then demand some more from its victim?!

    1. No, Tom gave the crow a bit of sandwich to start with. Too kind, really. Crows remember everything. The next time he has his lunch on that bench they will be there.