Tuesday 10 September 2019

The Spotted Flycatcher had moved to the northwest corner of the bridge, where Ahmet Amerikali found it and got a good picture.

There was a remarkable variety of small birds in this spot, and Ahmet also photographed a Blackcap ...

... a Chiffchaff ...

... and a Goldcrest.

I got a Dunnock ...

... a Chaffinch ...

... a Greenfinch ...

... and the usual Coal Tit that comes down to feed from my hand. She is now fully recovered from her post-breeding tattiness and looks very smart.

A little way along the path a Blackbird was eating the fruit on a hawthorn tree.

Autumn brings the Long-Tailed Tits into large flocks, and one of these spent several minutes in another hawthorn tree near the Italian Garden which was evidently full of insects.

The female Little Owl called from a horse chestnut tree a bit farther down the path towards Queen's Gate from the last sighting.

I think the pair have moved to a new hole in one of the oaks here, though there are a lot of holes and I haven't found the place.

The massacre of Feral Pigeons continues. Two were probably killed by the usual Lesser Black-Backed Gull, and were on the edge of the Serpentine being finished off by a young Herring Gull ...

... and two Carrion Crows.

Another near the Dell was certainly the work of a Sparrowhawk, as there were feathers on the ground around it. The hawk had been frightened off the kill, and a couple of crows were taking advantage.

Two Grey Herons posed on the bridge.

One of the three Great Crested Grebe chicks from the east end of the island was being fed.

Carp are particularly fond of chopped peanuts, though heaven knows how they got this taste as the two would never come together in natural surroundings. This is one of the fish in the Italian Garden ponds, being fed by Paul.


  1. That is quite a large fish. Perhaps too large. Although perhaps a sufficiently motivated Cormorant could deal with it.

    I love the video of the Long Tailed Tit! It is wonderful that you managed to catch them while they are still. I love their little calls and how they preen.

    So many small birds today! It always makes me so happy to see so many of them. The Coal Tit is looking very fine.

    1. Those large carp have grown to their present size in eight years. The Italian Garden was restored in the winter of 2010-11, and during the work the pools were emptied. No fish were put in, but both carp and perch arrived, probably as eggs carried on the feet of birds when the pools were refilled.

      I never get tired of Long-Tailed Tits, magical creatures. Or Coal Tits, so tiny when they perch on your finger but full of awareness.

  2. Blackcap, Spotted Flycatcher pics should be in reverse sequence. And as always a pleasure to tune in. Jim

    1. Thanks. Careless off me, but I have to insert these pictures as little thumbnail images, hard to distinguish. Should have checked more carefully. Corrected now.