Sunday 22 September 2019

On a wet day there was no one wanting to hire a boat, so the Great Crested Grebes from the island brought two of their chicks over while they caught fish for them under the platform. (The third chick obstinately stayed in its usual place at the island.)

A young Moorhen swung on a mooring rope.

A Pochard drank at the edge of the lake. A lot of these have arrived for the winter, and most of them are on the east side of the Long Water between the Vista and the bridge.

There are still four Gadwalls in one of the Italian Garden pools.

A pair of Mallards ate willowherb leaves.

A heavy shower at lunchtime drove the diners at the Dell restaurant indoors, and the scavenging birds had nothing to scavenge. A Carrion Crow passed the time by tearing up a paper bag.

Others played in the treetops.

A Spotted Flycatcher looked around from the top of the dead tree near the bridge. They have been here for twelve days now.

A Robin sheltered under a bush.

Ahmet Amerikali got a picture of a Chiffchaff here.

A Long-Tailed Tit perched in front of autumn leaves.

The faithful Coal Tit came to be fed.

The onset of autumn has made the small birds hungrier, and there was a good turnout of Great Tits and Blue Tits at the feeder in the Rose Garden -- and one Coal Tit that came again and again, caching the sunflower seeds in cracks in bark to eat later.

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  1. So good to see that the feeder is still doing its work without being stolen or ruined.

    I think the third Grebe chick is the brood's lazy student. It chose to skip fishing class (I imagine the parents brough the two chicks to teach them by example).