Monday 26 August 2019

The two teenage Great Crested Grebes practised their greeting ceremony and dived together for fish. One had a little practice flight.

One of them could be seen swimming under water.

They are now catching fish for themselves , and Ahmet got a fine picture of one surfacing with a perch.

The younger chicks were on the other side of the lake.

The grebes from the east end of the island came out on to the open lake in spite of the mass of pedalos clanking about on a Bank Holiday afternoon. Two of the three chicks are visible here.

The wire baskets near the bridge, which are full of twigs and act as a perch hatchery, are teeming with young perch. Oddly, there are seldom many takers. Perhaps the fish are too small to interest Cormorants, and the pair of grebes under the willow tree who own this territory keep other grebes away.

Two Mute Swans chased one another along the Serpentine.

A flock of twenty-odd Blue Tits went down the east side of the Long Water. As far as I could see there were no other species of tit in the band.

A Jackdaw wandered around on the woodland floor looking for bugs and worms. They have even more of a swaggering gait than the larger Carrion Crows.

A Jay near the bridge waited for some people to go past so that it could fly down and take a peanut.

There were at least a dozen Mistle Thrushes on Buck Hill, eating rowan fruit ...

... and foraging under the old chestnut trees.

Three Blackbirds in the Rose Garden are now turning up to be given sultanas.

On a hot day a Wren kept cool under a rock in the Dell.

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