Saturday 31 August 2019

Some pictures and video from Friday's visit to Rainham Marshes. It wasn't a great day for birds, but there were plenty of Black-Tailed Godwits. Here one raises its wings, looking larger than it is because the ducks next to it are Teal, which are quite little.

And here are two poking around in the mud.

There was also a Green Sandpiper, a long way off, and not prepared to come nearer, so this still picture ...

... and this video are the best I could get.

A Little Grebe lurked at the water's edge, and never left the spot. I thought it was nesting, but the photograph shows no sign of a nest so maybe it was just digesting a heavy meal.

The best picture of a raptor is of a Kestrel that hovered obligingly.

A Hobby stayed at a distance ...

... and a young male Marsh Harrier was hunting across the marsh, staying so low that it could only occasionally be seen with a background of sky.

It was a better day for insects, with a good view of a beautiful male Migrant Hawker dragonfly ...

... and a female Common Darter.

Butterflies included a Painted Lady ...

... and a Comma.

There were two spiders, a spectacular Wasp Spider ...

... and a Garden Spider busily wrapping up a packed lunch.


  1. Some lovely photos from Rainham. Always a great place to visit; I ought to get there more often. Love the Wasp Spider shot- not always easy as the webs are always so close to the ground.

    1. Yes, I had to get down on hands and knees to get that Wasp Spider picture and Tom, who is young and much more agile than me, was crawling on his belly like a reptile. There were five Wasp Spiders in the car park alone, and nicely turned egg cases on grass stems though none of these offered a clear shot.