Monday 11 March 2019

The elusive Stonechat appeared at last, about 100 yards southeast of Albion Gate on the north edge of Hyde Park.

There was also a Goldfinch on a tree ...

... and a Wren.

The few Redwings left on the Parade Ground are cramming themselves with worms, fuelling up for their migration north.

A Jackdaw clung to the bark of an oak tree in the Leaf Yard.

The three Grey Heron chicks were eyed by envious neighbours from the next nest, which has so far not produced anything. The music in the background was from a group of rollerbladers, not their usual repertoire.

The trio of the white Mallard, his mate and a normal drake had a quiet preen in the shelter of a reed bed.

Two pairs of Mandarins turned up on the Long Water by Peter Pan. They come over at random from their main habitat on the Regent's Canal.

The wind was still brisk. It encouraged a pair of Mute Swans to fly up the Serpentine. A headwind reduces their takeoff run and saves effort.

The swans are still building a nest in a hopelessly exposed place beside the boat house.

The Coots' nest on the post at Peter Pan is now occupied -- another sadly pointless endeavour.

Both Coots and Moorhens like to stand in the drenching spray of the fountains in the Italian Garden. Heaven knows why.

A Great Crested Grebe mooched gently along the edge of the Serpentine.

A fox was sunbathing on the bank of the Long Water near the Vista.

Higher up the bank there was a creature seldom seen in the park. I hope it doesn't meet the fox.


  1. "I tawt I taw a putty tat". Doesn't it looks a bit like the hapless Sylvester? I like cats, but their hunting habits distress me.

    Perhaps Coots and Moorhens like Jacuzzi foot baths?

    Well done on the Stonechat! Great picture!

    That pretty female Mandarin is quite spunky. I think female Mandarins are among the handsomest ducks in existence, certainly more so than their garish, gaudy male counterparts.

    1. I couldn't get close to the Stonechat, of course, they are very shy birds. That picture was taken from a considerable distance, and it was lucky that the sun was shining to keep it quite sharp.

      I agree with you about female Mandarins. They are very chic in an understated way.

  2. Pleased you finally caught up with the Stoenchat- pretty good photo of it!

    I don't think the Cat has anything to worry about the Fox- they usually ignore each other + often the Fox will back off from a Cat.

  3. Thanks, that's reassuring. Can't think where the cat came from – no houses nearby.

  4. on the other hand, though:

  5. Oh no! That damn cat needs gone before it starts to cause mayhem.

    1. Yes. But it'll have to take its place in the long queue of predators.