Tuesday 26 March 2019

A Buzzard circled in a thermal high over the Serpentine.

A Sparrowhawk did the same over the leaf yard.

David Element got a dramatic close-up of another Sparrowhawk while walking along the Wandle valley.

The female Little Owl on Buck Hill was in a relaxed mood in the sunshine, and put up with being photographed from all angles by several people.

While people were feeding the male Nuthatch at the leaf yard, the female was at the top of a tree digging larvae out of the bark.

This is a tree near the bridge where the male Greater Spotted Woodpecker is often seen and heard drumming. Today there was a female in it.

The Jay near the bridge which comes to take peanuts from my hand stared impatiently while I photographed it.

A Wood Pigeon ate fresh leaves on a tree beside the Serpentine.

The Grey Heron which often stands in a tree next to the nest with young herons in it is now building a nest in this place. It's strangely close, but it doesn't matter as the young birds will be out of the nest soon.

It seems that 50 per cent of herons dislike the sound of the ukulele.

Two rival male Mute Swans on the Long Water circled each other threateningly.

A Red-Crested Pochard drake on the Serpentine dived to bring up strands of algae and shared them with his mate.

There was a pair of Mandarins beside one of the small boathouses.

Two Mallard drakes fought at Peter Pan.

The Egyptian Geese were there with their last gosling.

There was also a young Lesser Black-Backed Gull on a post.

When the mother stopped paying attention, the inevitable happened.


  1. That’s so sad but as you say it’s inevitable.

    1. That pair have never succeeded in raising any young, as far as I know.

  2. Poor thing :-( There ought to be some Social Services for negligent bird parents.

    I'm not entirely sure swans can tell courtship and aggresion apart.

    That's a fascinating experiment, the Herons and the ukelele. Discerning birds, they are.

    1. It wasn't really an experiment. Someone just happened to start playing a ukulele next to the herons, so I started the camera to see what effect it would have.