Monday 4 February 2019

There were plenty of Redwings on the fenced-off area of the Parade Ground, hauling up worms.

And there was just one Fieldfare, which insisted on staying a very long way off.

While I was trying to photograph it, a Goldcrest came out on a branch a few feet away.

One of the Robins beside the Long Water has a deep hatred of Rose-Ringed Parakeets, and ticks furiously when they perch on the railings under his tree.

A Peregrine, I think the male of the pair, was on the barracks tower, showing rather faintly through the drizzle.

A young Herring Gull on the Serpentine amused itself by dropping and catching something that looked very like a £5 note, though I didn't get a clear enough picture to be sure.

If it had been paper it would certainly have disintegrated under the treatment it was getting. (Note for readers abroad: our banknotes are now made out of plastic.)

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull is now in breeding plumage, and looking extremely smart.

His mate was in the water nearby, equally immaculate but smaller and slighter.

A male Tufted Duck stood on a branch to preen his shining white belly.

Even on a dull day the Shoveller drakes look colourful.

The dark Mallard brothers were asleep side by side near the bridge.

So were a pair of Great Crested Grebes under the collapsed willow tree.

A Little Grebe could be seen distantly skulking in the shadows under a bush.

A Cormorant jumped out of one of the Italian Garden pools.


  1. It would sound like sacrilege if I said that Pigeon Eater is looking very pretty, so I will settle for "handsome".

    The furious Robin is adorable, even though the Parakeets appear to be unfazed.

    1. One of the parakeets did fly away, but I think that was because I was pointing a camera at it.