Friday 15 February 2019

A Fieldfare worked over the freshly dug earth on the Parade Ground.

A Mistle Thrush rushed around, standing upright between dashes in that typical Mistle Thrush posture.

A Wren sang loudly on a twig beside the Long Water, competing with a chainsaw a few yards away. If it hadn't been for the chainsaw it would have made a splendid video.

The same with a Robin in the Rose Garden, but this time it was a police helicopter. The park is a noisy place.

A Blue Tit near the bridge waited to be fed.

On the path above, a Carrion Crow shook a crisp packet at all angles to extract the last bits.

The Little Owl near the Albert Memorial came out to enjoy the sunshine.

So did the owl near the Henry Moore sculpture -- but for a change it was the male of the pair. Shortly afterwards a bunch of screaming Rose-Ringed Parakeets landed in the tree and he went into the hole.

I haven't seen an owl at the Queen's Temple for several days. There have been Magpies in the tree. I hope they haven't driven the owls out yet again.

One of the Grey Herons on the island was looking intently down into the nest both times I passed by, a couple of hours apart. It's possible that the eggs are hatching.

The usual young heron was fishing in the little stream in the Dell. This is the offspring of the pair in the nest shown above.

A Little Grebe could just be glimpsed through the bushes at the east shore of the Long Water.

A Mute Swan stood imposingly on the little island, flanked by the inevitable Coot. So far there is no sign of nesting here.

One of the Bar-Headed--Greylag Goose hybrids preened beside the Serpentine.

Purple crocuses have come out near the Queen's Temple.


  1. Nice video of the Fieldfares- the sun really brought out their beautiful plumage. Don't seem to be many around the London area recently.

    Noticed the increase in bird song yesterday. Had hoped for my first butterfly of the year as others have been seeing them around the country- but it wasn't to be. Little Owls look good!

    1. There was a Brimstone in the park. Unphotographable as usual, so I forgot to mention it.

  2. First swallows of the year are already here. Saw a pair of them a few days ago.

    My money is on the Wren's winning the sonic face-off against the chainsaw.

    1. No Swallows here yet, and probably not enough flying insects and drifing spiderlings to sustain them. They have to work their way gradually north.