Sunday 9 September 2018

The Kestrel was back on Buck Hill, though she soon flew away across the Italian Garden.

The Little Owl in Hyde Park was in exactly the same place in the oak tree as yesterday, with the same annoying leaf in front of his face.

A Dunnock foraged in the shrubbery at the southwest corner of the bridge.

There was a Parasol mushroom a few yards away.

A young Pied Wagtail sprinted across a lawn near the Diana fountain, hunting insects.

The Sunday parakeet feeders at the leaf yard attracted a group of Jackdaws.

Like George Bush Senior, Feral Pigeons don't care for broccoli.

Wood Pigeons don't seem to mind how unripe, hard and sour berries are.

The Moorhen at the Dell restaurant may have more chicks still in the nest in the hawthorn. She jumped up on to the railings ...

... and flew into the tree.

One of the young Great Crested Grebes at the bridge chased its father with the peculiar head-down splashy action that chicks use when begging.

A chick at the island followed its father more sedately.

Several pairs of Mute Swans were courting, encouraged by a warm sunny afternoon. These two were at the island.

One of the Red Crested Pochard drakes at the island is getting back into breeding plumage. The one in the middle is female.

On the edge of the Serpentine, Blondie the Egyptian Goose preened her unusual ash-grey wings beside her normal-coloured mate.

Common Darter dragonflies were hunting over the little pool at the top of the Dell waterfall.


  1. I imagine news about the poor Moorhen chick from last Friday must not be good. Poor, poor thing.

    I love how the picture captures the Grebe chick's feet in action. Grebe feet fascinate me.

    Blondie sports also the rarest natural blond hair (well, feather) colour: an ashy blond.

  2. There is a paper that explains the physics of a grebe's turbine-blade toes and unique swimming stroke.

  3. Interesting as always but it was the first Bush who spoke against Brocoli. His son never IIRC said anything about it.

    1. Thank you for the correction. One must always get one's Bushes straight. I think that he was attacked by the United States Broccoli Growers' Association and had to issue a public retraction saying that he had always thought that broccoli was loverly.