Friday 28 September 2018

A second Mute Swan, an adult male, has joined the young one in the Italian Garden fountain. They seemed very easy together, and he may be the young one's father.

Jorgen tells me that he has seen a swan getting out of the Italian Garden via the marble fountain. This involved walking up the narrow duckboard out of the pond, lurching down the steps, squeezing through the railings while stepping over the bottom rail, jumping down into the lower basin of the fountain, then jumping again from there into the lake into a gap between the iron gratings below the fountain. No easy task for a swan.

But swans have also been stuck in the fountains for days and have had to be rescued by the Wildlife Officer, so it seems that not all of them can escape in this way.

A Great Crested Grebe at the Lido blatantly ignored the regulations.

Two of the three teenage chicks from the east end of the island were fishing with their father. It's unlikely they caught anything, but it's useful practice.

The shallow water at the shore near Peter Pan is edged with a submerged plank. Today the Coots had it, and were preening in a row, just far enough apart to avoid a fight breaking out.

One of the young Grey Herons moved around the Dell, looking for a fish in the water or a rat on the land.

A pair of Black-Headed Gulls did their 'walking and talking' display.

A Grey Wagtail wandered along the edge of the Serpentine near the outflow, looking for insects under the brambles.

Then it flew into the Dell and waded on the edge of the waterfall.

Starlings ate fruit in the rowan trees on Buck Hill.

A young Wood Pigeon did the same in a whitebeam near the Albert Memorial.

A Robin perched in the holly tree near the bridge.

This bracket fungus is on a plane tree near the Physical Energy statue. I think it's Ganoderma resinaceum, so called because when damaged it exudes a brown sticky resin. You can see an oak leaf stuck to it.


  1. I just love the picture of the Starlings eating the berries. So colourful!

    I wonder about those Swans that get stuck in the fountains: if they were able to get it, why are they not able to get out?

    Puny human regulations are not meant to be a deterrent to a good determined Grebe.

  2. Replies
    1. The swans can splash down in the short space of the pools, each about 20m long. But there's not enough length for their takeoff run.