Wednesday 15 August 2018

The Green Woodpeckers on the Vista haven't been seen much recently, but today there was a view of one at the edge of the mown grass.

One of the Kestrels was hunting over Buck Hill ...

... and perching in the trees along the upper path.

David Element went there later and captured this dramatic picture of the moment of takeoff.

There was a flock of Blue Tits flying around a dead tree near the southwest corner of the bridge. I think they nested in it. Here is a young one, still more grey than blue, coming out of a hole.

The Great Tits became bedraggled by nesting and feeding their chicks, but this one is looking smart again.

The young Grey Herons are still in their nest. Looking at pictures from the last time herons bred successfully here, in 2016, I see that when the young birds came down they had completely lost their punk hairstyles, of which these birds still retain a few feathers.

When two adult herons land this close to each other, the subordinate one has to leave to avoid a fight.

A close-up of a heron's fierce face.

The three Great Crested Grebe chicks from the island were in full cry begging their parents for fish.

This Coot chick was being fed on the water in front of the Serpentine outflow, but at the same time the cries of another Coot chick could be heard coming from the arched space under the weir.

Later I saw what seemed to be the same chick on the nest at the outflow.

So there seem to be two chicks here, thought it's hard to be sure of what is going on.

The three young Moorhen chicks in the Italian Garden fountain wandered around the water lily leaves looking for bugs.

The family of Tufted Ducks with thirteen ducklings is still intact.

One of the Bar-Headed Geese was near the Dell restaurant, irritably shooing away pigeons.

A Holly Blue butterfly settled on a flower at the east end of the Lido.

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