Saturday 18 August 2018

One of the Kestrels caught a grasshopper on Buck Hill and ate it on a branch.

David Element took this fine picture yesterday on the Meadow.

Julia has seen two Kestrels, presumably the same ones, hunting in the Flower Walk at the Albert Memorial end.

The Jackdaws have returned in force from wherever they have been, and four of them are now waiting between Peter Pan and the Italian Garden and demanding peanuts.

The small birds are bcoming more noticeable around the Long Water, and there were glimpses of a Blackcap ...

... and a Wren.

These Pied Wagtails at the Round Pond are both young birds. I think there are nests in the masonry of the central block of Kensington Palace, as I have seen adults flying in and out.

The young Grey Herons were quiet in their nest today, but their constant climbing around has caused much of the edge to collapse, and they had better leave soon before the whole lot comes down.

The notorious Lesser Black-Backed Gull strolled along the roof of the Dell restaurant, alarming the Feral Pigeons.

One of the Great Crested Grebes from the island went to the east end of the lake to find fish for the chicks. A chick went over to find it.

The Mallards and Coots that hang around the willow tree near the bridge have found new places on the collapsed branch. There will probably be better nest sites here next year, as long as the branch stays alive.

A Mallard sheltered her four ducklings.

The two blond Mallard ducklings are now almost grown up.

Jon Ferguson sent this dramatic picture of the mother of the thirteen Tufted ducklings chasing off a Coot. She is very fierce and will even attack Canada Geese.

Another family was crusing at the Vista.

The Egyptian Goose family with one undersized gosling were also here. The little one is beginning to catch up with the others.

A lesson in Scottish dancing at the Kensington Gardens bandstand.

The dress code for roller skiing is stricter.


  1. As always, a wonderful posting! We look forward to and read each update,
    - A family from California who discovered the birds of Hyde Park and your blog this summer

  2. Is the Grebe parent running away from the chick?

    There is always something of interest going on in Kensington Gardens, and thank God we have Ralph to let us have a glimpse into it.

  3. The parent is coming back from quite a trip of several minutes without a fish to show for it. I think it is a bit annoyed at being pickup up by a squeaking infant, but it's only going at brisk cruising speed.