Saturday 12 May 2018

There are two new broods of Canada Geese at the island. This pair had two goslings ...

... but a pair on the other side of the island had seven. I couldn't get close enough to them for a good picture, and this excellent shot was taken by Virginia.

The Mute Swans on the Long Water with their five new cygnets passed close to a Coots' nest. The Coots were understandably annoyed, but it's no use protesting against a swan.

One of the Great Crested Grebes at the island carried the chicks while the other went off to chase away another pair that were intruding on their territory.

Then it was back to finding fish for them. They are doing well considering that the supply is still limited ...

... and all three chicks are alive and well.

The Coots at the north end of the Long Water kept their chicks on an ornamental rock while feeding them. There are pike in the water, keen to grab a chick.

When danger threatened from above, such as a Herring Gull flying over, they hustled the chicks into cover.

The pair of Coots in the Italian Garden ponds abandoned their first nest and have now begun a second, in a clump of plants where there is more cover.

The nest at the Lido restaurant has a new ornament, a baby's pram toy. Like babies, Coots love bright colours.

One of the Grey Herons on the island was behaving oddly. It kept flying out of the upper nest where its mate was sitting ...

... and landing on the edge of the lower nest. I didn't see any protest from the heron that would have been sitting in the lower nest at this time.

It started raining, and a pair of Magpies took shelter in a chestnut tree.

As usual in wet weather, several Pied Wagtails were out along the edge of the Serpentine. The fewer people, the more wagtails you see.

A Great Tit posed grandly in a pink-blossomed hawthorn bush ...

... but a Rose-Ringed Parakeet was more concerned with eating the flowers.


  1. Beautiful shot of goslings, Virginia, well done and great to meet again!
    But really that is not the colour of the hawthorn cultivar, is it???
    Very many thanks to you both for keeping the rest of us in touch over the months - and years now!

    1. The colour of the blossom has not been enhanced. That's exactly as it was in the original photograph. I went back today to check the actual blossom, and it looks right to me. Do you think the colour on your screen might be a bit oversaturated?

    2. Bless you Elizabeth, it was wonderful to see you yesterday! Hope to see you very soon, big hug to you

  2. What a great picture of the fluffy Goslings, all together.

    Those Coots put up as brave a fight as can be expected when your opponent outweights you by a factor of 10 and has the temperament to match!

    Always looking forward to seeing pictures of stripy heads growing larger by the day.

    1. Mute Swans seem to have a particular dislike of Coots, but leave Moorhens alone.