Wednesday 9 May 2018

The Great Crested Grebes at the island still have three chicks. You have to wait some time before three little stripy heads come out from between the parent's wings.

The Grey Heron in the lower nest on the island preened for a bit, and then poked its eggs about. With luck they should hatch soon.

The Mute Swans on the little island in the Long Water still haven't hatched their eggs. The female covered them up before leaving the nest. Her mate waited in the water to guard them while she goes off to feed.

A Feral Pigeon cooled down on a warm day by sitting in the water at the edge of the lake. It wasn't washing, just relaxing.

A Grey Wagtail searched for insects on the edge of the lake at the terrace of the Lido restaurant.

Starlings are particularly fond of fish and chips, and there is plenty of opportunity for them to enjoy it here. They are also taking away bits to feed their nestlings.

A Robin was also feeding its young in a hawthorn bush at the foot of Buck Hill. It waited on the twig till I went away so as not to disclose where its nest was.

The pair of Coal Tits near the bridge also seem to have a nest in the bushes. One of them came to be given a pine nut, which it took away.

A Great Tit held a nut down on a twig with its feet so that it could bite little pieces out of it.

One of the two male Chaffinches in the Rose Garden had a turn at the feeder.

A Song Thrush prospected for worms on Buck Hill.

At the Triangle car park, a crow pulled a bag of rubbish out of a bin, and shooed away other crows while it tore it open.

The male Little Owl at the leaf yard was at the top of the tree again. His mate hasn't been seen for some time, and we're pretty sure she's sitting on eggs in the nest hole.


  1. I cannot remember right now - have owlets been photographed in previous years?

    Great news to see that the little chicks are holding on! What marvellous parents Grebes are.

    1. Yes, we got pictures of owlets in 2016. In 2017 the Buck Hill Little Owls had three but no one got any pictures. Hoping for more this year, as we have three pairs clearly nesting.