Thursday 28 December 2017

On a sunny day the park was bursting with visitors, but there was a peaceful oasis in the Rose Garden, with Great Tits ...

... Blue Tits ...

... and Coal Tits coming down to the feeders near the fountain.

A few Goldfinches twittered in the tops of the tall plane trees at the edge of the enclosure ...

... and a Dunnock hopped unobtrusively around in the flower beds.

The winter displays have been carefully protected by arrangements of posts and strings reminiscent of the defences installed by Rommel in northern France in 1944, and equally ineffective.

A Robin sang in a late flowering camellia bush.

Another was singing in the bushes at the back of the Lido as the short winter afternoon drew to an end.

The buoys surrounding the Lido swimming area were lined with Black-Headed Gulls.

A flock of Shovellers flew up the Long Water.

The female Little Owl near the Albert Memorial was out basking in the sunlight ...

... and the one near the Henry Moore sculpture had her back to it as usual.


  1. The second robin seems to have a slightly greater repertoire,and to be fluffier. As is the Goldfinch's undercarriage; usually they look so neat. Fine portraits, particularly of the small birds, and good of the gulls to line up.

    1. The Goldfinch was fluffed up against the cold, I think, at the top of a tall tree in the freezing wind.

  2. Why would the Henry Moore sculpture Little Owl not enjoy basking in the sun? It baffles me.

    Lovely, fluffy, brave, cheery Robins!

    1. The Henry Moore owl also comes out on nasty chilly days that keep the other Little Owls indoors.