Monday 4 December 2017

A Cormorant fished in a pool in the Italian Garden which used to contain a lot of perch. But the birds seem to have fished it out, and it found nothing and spread its wings to fly away.

One of the Great Crested Grebes at the island is already back in breeding plumage.

Tufted Ducks change into their breeding plumage sooner, and all the drakes are at their finest, with brilliant white sides.

Blondie the Egyptian Goose and her fierce mate have now cleared rivals from a wide stretch of the lake shore, and were preening complacently on their territory.

The Egyptian Goose who got wire wrapped around his foot is still putting it down a bit carefully, but is now walking completely without a limp.

The small Black-Headed Gulls can sit comfortably side by side, but the big aggressive Herring Gulls and Lesser Black-Backs need a bigger personal space to avoid conflict.

Four Little Owls were visible today. The female in the chestnut tree near the leaf yard reappeared from her hole after a long time without a sighting.

Her mate was in the nearby horse chestnut.

The female near the Albert Memorial looked out of the hole in the oak.

And the female near the Henry Moore sculpture perched on the lime tree.

A Wood Pigeon climbed carefully down a holly branch to pick one of the few remaining berries.

The white-faced Blackbird waited to be fed on the fence near the Italian Garden.

This bird feeder in the Dell, with a bowl of seed inside the cage, attracts Long-Tailed Tits. With their small beaks, they can't cope with the conventional feeders that have to be reached into.

One of the many Robins in the Rose Garden sang quietly to itself.

A Wren hopping around in the flower beds occasionally came into view.


  1. So many lovely pictures and videos today! I hardly know which one I like the best. My heart is always with the Robins, though. Lovely little creature singing to itself sweetly, I imagine for sheer pleasure the of song itself. If corvids sometimes take to the air just because they delight in flying, perhaps robins sing sometimes because they love singing.

    The Egyptian's leg still looks a bit swollen? But I think it's out of danger. Gulls with amputated feet fare quite well despite it.

    The Wood Pigeon would take the cake in any competition for this year's best Christmas card starring birds. Wonderful composition!

  2. Kind of you to say that. I was struggling a bit today, apart from the bonanza of Little Owls.

  3. Oh, I would never have guessed that. There is such a wealth of beauty and intriguing details today! I normally try to to refrain myself from squeeing about too many pictures at once - if left to my own devices I would leave a bunch of hardly coherent squeeing comments about **all** pictures.

  4. Hi Ralph I don't know if you were aware of the sighting of a Black Redstart in the trees around the Winter Wonderland, reported by Dave Jordan on the London Wiki sightings?
    If you did know I hope you saw it today.

    1. Yes, I did see, and did go there. Not a sign of it, and I'm not really surprised as there was a lot of noise and disturbance.