Wednesday 25 October 2017

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull lunged at a Feral Pigeon and missed.

A Herring Gull's powerful beak made short work of a bagel.

A Carrion Crow was having a much tougher time trying to get the plastic lid off a paper coffee cup.

After probing it from every angle, it gave up.

A Jackdaw expected to be given a peanut.

A Great Tit held down a pine nut with its feet and ate it in tiny bites.

A Blackbird ate yew berries in the trees near Peter Pan.

A Grey Wagtail looked for insects at the bottom of the Dell waterfall. This distant view was taken from the top.

A Pied Wagtail hunted on the roof of the Bluebird Boats shop.

The Black Swan kept away two young Moorhens trying to share his food.

Six Cormorants took a break from fishing on the Long Water.

A Grey Heron preened in a willow.

The Little Owl at the leaf yard perched on a small branch next to her hole and stared gravely at the people who had come to admire her.


  1. The Little Owl looks so regal, she ought to star in a film about Catherine the Great (at the very least).

    Is it me, or do the Mute Swans look very enviously at the Black Swan feeding on the ground?

    Have you read that the great Tits' beaks are getting longer in the UK because of the availability of bird feeders?

    1. The Black Swan can get ashore here, and the Mute Swans can't. So they really are envious.

      Yes, I did hear that about the tits' beaks. There was already a mutation that gave some of them long beaks, and I saw a completely weird one in the Flower Walk with a beak like a sandpiper.