Friday 20 October 2017

A quick trip around the park before going to Rainham Marshes.

A Jackdaw pecked a peanut open on a much repaired swan-headed urn.

The Black Swan hurried over for his daily treat.

Two Grey Herons flying along the Serpentine climbed almost vertically to clear the bridge.

They could perfectly well have flown under it, but many birds dislike flying when there is something solid overhead.

At Rainham, the star of the show was a Spoonbill.

It flew around ...

... while an equally white Little Egret flew in the opposite direction.

A flock of Black-Tailed Godwits was also in the air.

And so were Shelducks, among a flock of Canada Geese.

Some Teal were preening.

A Ruff poked around in the mud next to a Lapwing.

Pied Wagtails are more at home on the mud than on the tarmac in Hyde Park.

A pair of Stonechats appeared, hard to see behind the reeds, but Tom got a good picture of the female.

There was a pair of Marsh Harriers. The female ranged widely over the reserve.

A male Kestrel hovered.

A female perched in a bush.

One of the Barn Owls was distantly visible looking out of the nest box.

A splendid cock Pheasant visited the bird table.

A small Marsh Frog lurked in a pool.


  1. Great pictures from Rainham. In the Barn Owl photo it looks as if there is an animal standing above the nest? Presumably it is an illusion?

    1. I can't see that myself. An illusion caused by patterns in the bark of the tree?

    2. Now that it is mentioned there appears to be a large black shape on top of the box. But I doubt that a Barn Owl would be so relaxed if any animal was in such close proximity.

    3. It's the branch the box is attached to. Try as I may, I can't see anything but a branch there.