Tuesday 29 August 2017

A visit to the park earlier than usual found a lot of activity on Buck Hill. At least twenty Mistle Thrushes were searching for worms in the grass ...

... and insects in the trees.

They were accompanied by Magpies, of which they are not fond, so there was some angry rattling.

A flock of Goldfinches twittered overhead ...

... and there was a distant view of a Chiffchaff, a difficult bird to photograph so one is grateful even for a bad shot.

After a while the Mistle Thrushes decided to visit the rowan trees. This one has the ripest berries and is visited by many fruit-eating birds. The Blue Tit was looking for insects among the berries.

The early morning swimmers of the Serpentine Swimming Club were still at the Lido. The Black-Headed Gulls are used to them, and take no notice as they thrash past.

The Black Swan was also undisturbed, and was resting on the shore.

But a Mute Swan with teenage cygnets felt protective, and hissed at the passers by.

Carrion Crows were eating some scattered rice on the shore of the Serpentine when one of them noticed a wine-bottle cork that made an interesting toy.

The female Little Owl at the leaf yard looked briefly out of her hole.

As usual, there was no sight of the Little Owl in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial. But this feather found directly under the tree shows that they're still in residence.


  1. The Chiffchaff is a great shot, thank you.

    1. They are very difficult -- both shy and constantly moving.

  2. The Albert Memorial Little Owl was sitting at the back of her (his?) hole around quarter to eight this morning (wed). Much more retiring than through the winter and spring, when she liked to sit out on the edge.