Friday 18 August 2017

A Mallard had three ducklings on the solar cell platform in the Round Pond.

Two of the Moorhen chicks at the bridge climbed around on the wire baskets.

One of the parents was preening on a post.

A Black-Headed Gull was trying to walk along the chain between the posts. It was not nearly as good at doing this as a Moorhen, and lost its balance and had to fly off.

The CD bird scarers are not having much effect on the Herring Gulls.

But gulls are not known for their obedience.

Thanks to Tinúviel for sending a link to this pleasing picture.

The young Great Crested Grebes from the nest on the island gave their parents a moment of peace.

A Grey Heron was sitting down on the grass under the Henry Moore sculpture with its long legs stretched out in front of it.

A Wren was hopping around in a yew tree near the bridge.

A Comma butterfly basked in the lower branches of an oak.

The female Little Owl at the leaf yard was enjoying the sunshine while it lasted.

It started raining.

Afterwards, some Greylag Geese enjoyed the fresh rainwater in a puddle. They much prefer this to the water in the lake, which comes from a borehole and is very hard.

This is one of the Greylag teenagers, now adult size but with a distinctly juvenile, fresh minted look. Young Greylags don't have a white line along the lower edge of their folded wings.

This mushroom, a little under 4 inches across, was growing near the Blushers I saw yesterday. I think it's a Russula species, possibly R. emetica, 'The Sickener'.


  1. I do like that gull disobedience.
    Ironically it was at Hyde Park a few years back I took a picture of a pair of tourists who were cycling and standing next to a 'No cycling' sign!

    1. The tourists get fined £60 if caught. But try to fine a gull.

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a Heron sitting with its legs bent like that. Sometimes stork chicks will sit like that in the nest, but not the adults.

    Gulls are the original anarchists, I think.

    1. It's only the second time I've seen a Heron sitting like that. It may have been the same bird twice.