Sunday 26 February 2017

The Bar-Headed Goose that wanders in from time to time decided to pay us a visit. It is a very elegant bird.

A few Red-Headed Pochards also turned up. This one had the fluffiest head.

There are still half a dozen Shovellers on the Long Water. They decided to fly around the lake.

The Kingfisher was distantly visible on the west side of the Long Water.

A Moorhen stood at the top of the Dell waterfall.

A Great Crested Grebe guarded the nest on the island. There had been a Moorhen on it earlier, which had to be shooed off.

A Redwing pulled up a worm on the Parade Ground.

A few moments of sunlight flattered the glossy plumage of a Carrion Crow in the Rose Garden.

A few Goldfinches were chattering in the trees above it.

A Magpie was not excited by the daffodils coming out beside the Long Water.

But a Rose-Ringed Parakeet appreciated the spring blossom in its own way.

The male Nuthatch of the pair in the leaf yard was singing. His mate perched amid emerging leaves.

The Little Owl near the Henry Moore sculpture ventured out of her hole for a few minutes.


  1. Ralph I like to Thank you after week of looking for the little owl who hid from me.
    Today I manage to Photograoh them at both location Thanks.

  2. I wish my blog photos were as good as yours!
    Every time I compare them to yours and wish they could be this quality.

    1. Thank you. But you should see the hundreds of duds I throw away.