Tuesday 14 February 2017

A pair of Mute Swans were in a romantic Valentine's Day mood under the willow near the bridge.

But just the other side of the bridge, the local bully was busking around ready to break up any displays of affection.

A Grey Heron was gathering twigs for one of the nests on the island.

The turf laying on the Parade Ground is now getting down to the Redwings' feeding area, and they were understandably nervous and spent most of their time in the trees.

But one did venture down.

Pied Wagtails are bolder, and were trotting around as usual.

Long-Tailed Tits are neither frightened by nor interested in people.

David Element captured this fine shot of a Coal Tit taking off.

The Dunnock in the Rose Garden posed neatly on a rose bush.

The Robin at the southwest corner of the leaf yard always comes out of his yew tree to collect a couple of pine nuts.

One of the Song Thrushes from the leaf yard was again just across the path looking for worms.

The Kingfisher kept returning to his favourite branch.

And the female Little Owl near the Albert Memorial was in her usual place.

It's odd that we hardly ever see the male owl, either here or on the lime tree near the Henry Moore sculpture. Possibly they are in other trees until the pairs start nesting, and we simply haven't found them.


  1. What a lovely picture of the courting Swans. Almost makes one forget that they tend to be rather on the viciously psychopathic side!

    1. I suppose they're no more violent than many other birds. But they're big, and that makes it obvious.

  2. Love the blog, and the little owls especially!

    1. Thank you. Sorry I couldn't find a Little Owl today.

    2. All the drama from today's post was a lot of fun too!

    3. It makes up for the photographs on a grey day not being very good.