Thursday 26 January 2017

Yesterday Paul saw some Redwings in Kensington Gardens. Today they were in Hyde Park on the bare earth of the Parade Ground, finding plenty of worms. It doesn't take long for the news to get out. This happens every year after the funfair has gone. Expect more in a day or two.

There was also one Mistle Thrush. Again, there will probably be more soon.

The upper part of the Parade Ground was being harrowed to smooth it for laying turf. A mob of Carrion Crows and various gulls were all over the freshly turned soil, getting out of the way of the tractor only at the last moment.

Other birds were less well served on a very cold day. There were crowds of Great Tits and Blue Tits around the leaf yard, storming out to be fed. The shy Blackbirds also came out and showed themselves, in the hope of getting a bit of digestive biscuit, of which they are very fond -- as fruit eaters, they enjoy sweet things.

Both Nuthatches came down to take nuts from the railings.

There were hungry Robins all round the lake, providing an excuse for yet another photograph of one -- but they are irresistible.

Near the Dell restaurant, a Carrion Crow was finishing off the last remnants of a Feral Pigeon killed by the notorious Lesser Black-Backed Gull. In the background, a Pied Wagtail ...

... was hunting for himself.

Male Pied Wagtails have black backs, females grey. But this is an usually dark male. Several years ago on the Parade Ground I saw a male  who had no white on him at all -- all the usually white parts were dark grey.

The Grey Wagtail was also hunting here, but went through in a few seconds so I didn't get a good shot.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes were fishing together near the bridge, diving under the edge of the ice.

A Coot was washing itself.

A young Herring Gull had found a bit of croissant at the Lido restaurant. Another looked on enviously.

In the Diana fountain, two gulls were pointlessly quarrelling over a clod of frozen earth which was not of the slightest use to them.


  1. Gulls are too much like humans. Fighting over an useless (perhaps status symbol?) thing.

    There can never ever be too many pictures of Robins. That Blackbird looks a bit sad, though. Poor thing.

  2. I think the gulls' attitude is just 'Whatever you've got, I want it.'

  3. I have always said a Spanish proverb describes gulls to a T: "quítate tú pa' ponerme yo" ("get out of there so that I can take your place").

    1. And the gulls in the film _Finding Nemo_ are well observed, shouting 'Mine!' 'Mine!' 'Mine!'

    2. Finding Nemo's gulls should have got the oscar for best supporting actor that year, that's for sure.

      That is one film that always makes me laugh so hard I end up with a headache!