Tuesday 3 January 2017

It was a very cold day and the Long Water had patches of ice on it.

But there was plenty of clear water, and a Kingfisher was going around the lake from bush to bush. This picture was taken from about 50 yards away, as close as it came.

A fox could be seen across the lake, slightly north of the Vista. It had been in the same place yesterday, which was when I took this picture.

A flock of Pochards had arrived on the near side of the Vista.

Two Grey Herons were fighting for the right to perch on top of the Henry Moore sculpture.

The white-faced Blackbird was foraging in her usual place near the Italian Garden. She graciously accepted a bit of digestive biscuit.

The female Little Owl was preening in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial.

One of the 'Polish' swans was also preening, at the Lido. This picture clearly shows the pinkish-grey feet and pink bill.

A young Herring Gull was dropping a stone into the Serpentine and diving after it.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull had found a dead pigeon near the bridge, and was inspecting it carefully to see it it was up to the usual standard of pigeons he had killed himself.

A Greylag Goose had won a piece of flatbread at the Dell restaurant and trotted off to find somewhere private to eat it without being bothered by gulls.

At the leaf yard, a Blue Tit ...

... and a Coal Tit were looking their best in the hazy sunlight.


  1. Lovely Kingfisher! It always make me very glad to see one, even if only in pictures.

    1. Wish they'd come a bit nearer. They really are impossibly shy.

  2. We saw the fox in the same location - a bit north of the rabbit enclosure - on Sunday afternoon (1 January). As well as a Little Grebe fishing in the patch of water between those two sites, I saw two male Wigeon there between Xmas and New Year. My first sighting in the Park, but quite unequivocal...

    1. Wigeon are very infrequent visitors to the park -- sorry I missed them. In fact all minority ducks are seen much less often here than they were a decade ago. This may be because they now have the Wetland Centre in Barnes to go to, only a few miles up the river.