Sunday 30 October 2016

The rowan trees on Buck Hill were looking wildly colourful despite the dull weather, and it was impossible not to take more pictures of birds eating the fruit. Here are a Song Thrush ...

... and a couple of Starlings.

The usual Mistle Thrushes were there too, but for a change here is one in a more unusual place, enjoying a bath in the little pool at the top of the Dell waterfall.

There were at least four Blackbirds eating berries in the yew tree near Peter Pan.

The brilliant pink bush at the bridge had Great Tit in it, though she was not interested in the bush and was waiting for me to feed her.

Justyna C. suggested that this might be a spindle tree, and cerrainly the leaves are the right shape but, as you can see from this less zoomed-in picture, they hang down in little clusters and there are no berries, so I think it's something different -- but have no idea what.

A final picture of birds and fruit: a Robin in a rose bush in the Rose Garden.

The young Grey Heron at the restaurant was grabbing bits of cake that were being thrown for it.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull's mate was having her turn at the latest kill.

A Herring Gull at the Lido was shaking out its wing feathers to get them properly arranged after preening.

A Coot was having a brisk wash.

There were few people in the Diana fountain, leaving the way clear for some Greylag Geese to drink in the rapids.

The carefully filtered water must get so aerated on its way found the obstacle course that it's slightly fizzy. Anyway, it's a favourite drinking place for all kinds of birds.

One of the Little Owls near the Albert Memorial was looking out of their nest hole in the oak tree.


  1. what a wonderfully colourful set of pictures ralph! can never have too many pics of the birds on the rowan trees. partly because whenever i pass there..... Nothing! literally vacant.
    excellent work. keep pounding the park beat - so i dont have to!
    Mark W2

    1. Well, I'm glad you like them, because you're getting a lot more today.

    2. Likewise, I may not show it enough but I think your blog is some of the best vicarious birdwatching going! Jim

    3. Thank you. It's mostly pretty ordinary, but that's what a normal walk in the park is like.