Thursday 5 May 2016

There are now two singing male Reed Warblers in the reeds near the Diana Memorial. It's hard to get a picture in the quite large reed bed, and this is the best I could manage.

One of the Starlings nesting in the shelter at the bottom of Buck Hill was out collecting grubs for its nestlings.

A male Brimstone butterfly was drinking nectar in the bluebell patch on the other side of the path. Males are yellow, females are white.

I haven't been able to find the Little Owl in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial for a couple of days now, and hope the pair are all right. There was a Great Spotted Woodpecker on the tree ...

... and when I went back later there was a Nuthatch.

The male Little Owl on the chestnut tree near the leaf yard was out on a high branch ...

... but not as high as the nest hole in the lime tree across the lake, which is 40 feet up and has to be photographed from 70 feet away.

The Black Swan was with his girlfriend at the east end of the Serpentine.

Today's prize for the silliest place to build a nest goes to this Coot trying to make one in the middle of the Long Water, where there must have been a fallen branch almost reaching the surface.

A Blackbird was throwing dead leaves around at the back of the Lido, looking for insects under them.

Leaf litter is absolutely vital to Blackbirds and other thrushes. Since the park gardeners started using leaf blowers to remove it from the shrubberies, the number of Blackbirds in the park has fallen by a shocking 90 per cent.

On the Vista, a pair of Magpies were angrily chivvying a dog which has come to wallow in their private pool.

A swarm of bees was spotted by Jabir Belmehdi at 3.45 this afternoon on a plane tree near the Speke obelisk. He was about to report them to the British Beekepers' Association to have them collected when they flew off. If you spot them, this is the web page to go to.

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