Saturday 14 May 2016

The Mistle Thrushes nesting east of the Albert Memorial have nestlings. Here is one of the parents carrying a grub for them.

The other thrush was rattling furiously at a Magpie that had got too close to its nest.

A Starling was bringing a feather, rather than food, to its nest on the shelter at the bottom of Buck Hill. There are certainly nestlings in here, because you can hear them. Evidently the nest has got uncomfortable and needs relining. You can see the access hole at the top of the picture.

The Blue Tits nesting in the lamp post behind the Lido were hard at work bringing food to their young.

The picture shows the bulge in the top of the hollow cast iron lamp post which makes a space for the nest. Only some of the park lamp posts have this ornamental feature.

The female Mute Swan nesting in the reed bed near the Diana fountain had gone off to feed, carelessly leaving her five eggs uncovered. Her mate was in the water nearby guarding the nest, but really he should have been standing over the eggs.

The Egyptian Geese on the north shore of the Serpentine still have four young.

And the Mandarins at Peter Pan still have three.

The Coot's nest in the middle of the Long Water is spreading out, probably because bits of this unstable structure are drifting away. The Coots continue to bring twigs to shore it up.

This is the young Grey Wagtail from last year's nest, without a mate and ignored by its parents who have a new fledgling to look after. It was on the netting over the reed bed on the Long Water next to the bridge, flying out to catch insects over the water.

At least 50 Swifts over the Serpentine were also hunting insects.

There were about 20 House Martins, and I saw just one Swallow.

The Black Swan was still apart from his girlfriend. He looked a bit despondent and was not calling, and didn't come over for his usual biscuit.

She has been seen flirting with another young Mute Swan.

The male Little Owl was out on a branch of the chestnut tree.


  1. I don't often feel sorry for the black swan, but I do sympathise with him in his current depression - I hope his girlfriend has not permanently abandoned him!