Sunday 28 February 2016

There is now a permanent settlement of Mute Swans on the bank near the bridge, just inside the Long Water and so part of the dominant pair's territory. The male occasionally turns up to chase off any that are in the water, but seems unable to cope with the bunch on the bank.

The Black Swan was back with girlfriend number one, giving her just as much attention as he has to number two in the past few days. The girlfriends are still immature and won't start breeding for a year or two, so he may be able to keep up this balancing act for some time. However, they are rapidly turning white, especially number two, which may cause him to lose interest.

Two Canada-Greylag hybrid geese, not seen for some time, were washing at at the outflow of the Serpentine.

It was a windy day and a Black-Headed Gull was looking as it turned downwind to pick up a tiny worm from the shore of the Serpentine.

A Moorhen was standing in the waves breaking at the edge, apparently enjoying the sensation.

Both the Great Crested Grebes were resting beside their nest under the willow.

The newly laid turf on the Parade Ground already has enough insects in it to interest Pied Wagtails, and a few were running around on it. Females have a grey back rather than the male's black back, but this one is unusually light coloured.

The Kingfisher was on his usual post on the west side of the Long Water. This picture was taken from the Italian Garden. I raced round the lake to get closer, but by then it had flown off to somewhere invisible.

This is the pair of Robins next to the bridge on the west side of the Long Water. They are used to us, and come out to be fed.

The Little Owl in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial was having a good scratch.


  1. Dear Ralph:

    Re "The Kingfisher was on his usual post on the west side of the Long Water". Can you tell me (us) what post, where? I've tried hard to spot it, but post recognition is not one of my more accomplished skills . . .

    Harry G.

    1. The reed bed in front of which these posts stand is just to the north of the fallen horse chestnut tree in the Long Water. You can't see the place from the same side of the water, so you have to view it from the opposite, east, side. There is a convenient gap just north of Rudolf Steiner's bench. This bench can be spotted by calling to it in German.

  2. (What a rotten font Arial is -- that looks like 'chum' when I wrote c h u r n.)