Thursday 18 February 2016

The sunshine brought out two of the Little Owls. Here is the one in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial.

And the owl near the Henry Moore sculpture was calling.

Several Great Tits were singing. This one was in the enclosure north of the Moore.

It is one of several areas railed off in the early 1920s as bird sanctuaries. Another one is the Dell, which in its original open but secluded state used to be a favourite spot for duels in the 18th and early 19th century.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker was also calling in the leaf yard. It is too early for them to start drumming, which makes them much easier to find.

The white-faced Blackbird was poking around in the area newly cleared on brambles near the Italian Garden. It found some small edible object, I think a bit of biscuit.

An Egyptian Goose was making a racket beside the Long Water near the bridge -- not a remarkable sight now as there are over a hundred of them here, but the African bird blended harmoniously with the English background of dead leaves.

A Jackdaw was looking splendidly glossy in the sunlight. It was, of course, waiting for me to give it a peanut.

The Black Swan had chosen to spend some time with girlfriend number one. He does seem to be maintaining this delicate juggling act.

One of last year's Mute cygnets is now three-quarters white.

Today's toy for a young Herring Gull was a bit of yellow knitting wool.


  1. Ever spotted a lesser-spotted in the park Ralph? I know Richmond has them.

    1. Yes, early last year one was heard, and some small holes in trees seen, on the east side of the greenhouses in Hyde Park. I visited the place for several days and played LSW calls, but not a squeak in response. The tiny holes were convincing, anyway.