Thursday 17 December 2015

Good news: the injured Mute Swan on the Long Water has now recovered to the point where he can swim with both feet. He was with his mate, chasing some Canada Geese off the little island that he sees as his own.

The Black Swan has returned from his trip to the Round Pond, and was at the east end of the Serpentine playing with a plane leaf. He would not think of eating it, as plane leaves are waxy and tough.

His girlfriend was out of sight on the other side of the reed raft, so I can't report on their relationship.

The Teal was briefly visible in a dark place under the willow tree near the Italian Garden. You can see that he is completing his adult plumage by developing the pale yellow rear end, framed in black, that is a distinctive feature of Teal drakes.

A few feet away, a Great Crested Grebe had caught a perch.

Just up the lake, a Cormorant was also bringing up fish, tangled in weed that had to be shaken off before the fish could be swallowed. But a grebe's delicate fishing technique allows them to catch the fish without the vegetation.

A Tufted Duck was also looking for food under water, poking in the gravel in the shallows near Peter Pan. They are omnivorous and will happily eat small invertebrates and water plants.

A Blue Tit near the Vista was examining a twig that might harbour an insect.

A Long-Tailed Tit at the back of the Lido was doing the same.

The berries in the rowan trees on Buck Hill are almost gone, and probably won't last till tomorrow. A Redwing ...

... a Mistle Thrush ...

... and a Blackbird  ...

... were finishing them off, while a Carrion Crow picked the fallen ones off the ground underneath.

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