Monday 28 December 2015

A Treecreeper was running around on the big oak tree just inside the southwest corner of the leaf yard. I didn't get many pictures today, so here are two views of this charming little bird in the morning sunlight.

The sun had also brought out a butterfly, which was reported near the Serpentine Gallery. I didn't see it, and this picture wasn't taken today, but from the description it must have been a Peacock butterfly, which sometimes manages to overwinter as an adult.

Two Robins were singing loudly at each other in the bushes at the back of the Lido bathing area.

The pair of Grey Herons on the Serpentine island were standing companionably side by side. But there has been no further sign of nest building, and it seems that their little burst of activity has ended.

The Black Swan and his girlfriend were behind the baskets of plants at the terrace of the Dell restaurant.

A Moorhen was washing busily nearby.

And a Great Crested Grebe was languidly stretching out a big foot.

Just up the shore, the pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull claimed another victim, to the horror of the Bank Holiday visitors going to the funfair.


  1. Replies
    1. I've seen a female Mallard doing that -- but failing, as they probably do mostly.

  2. Those huge Grebe feet are amazing. Coot feet are fascinating too when they come out of the water. And it looks like the Black Swan romance is very much ON!

    1. Well, you'll get all the news of the celeb couple, even if this blog ends up like the Daily Mail web site.