Tuesday 24 February 2015

The larger of the two Grey Heron nests had a bird sitting in it today. As usual with these big nests, all you can see is the top of its head.

It is not yet clear whether the heron is sitting properly and preparing to incubate eggs, or whether it just felt like a rest after gathering twigs.

The Robins are showing signs of pairing up -- at any rate, it is now possible for two of these fierce little birds to sit on the same twig without trying to kill each other. This fine picture was taken by Eleanor Cogger.

This pair of Great Crested Grebes has been in the same place for several days, under a tree on the west side of the Long Water a short distance south of the Henry Moore sculpture. This is a possible nest site and they are reserving it early -- very early, since the grebes on this lake don't get serious about nesting till July.

The pair of Gadwalls came in close to the edge of the Serpentine to scrape around in the algae.

The Scaup is still on the Serpentine. This picture was taken from the terrace of the Lido restaurant.

The Cetti's Warbler remains on the west side of the Long Water near the broken horse chestnut tree. I heard a phrase of its distinctive song, 'Tee-teep, teep, zibizibizibzibzibi', but couldn't see it in the dense brambles. It is a furtive little brown bird that skulks in bushes.

At the Round Pond, a Mute Swan and a Canada Goose were quarrelling over a length of baguette when a Carrion Crow dashed in, grabbed it ...

... got a better grip on this large thing that it could barely hold ...

... and flew away with it.

The male Tawny Owl was in his tree all day, in spite of a strong wind.

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