Friday 20 February 2015

Both Grey Heron nests on the Serpentine island are still occupied. They are too close together for the birds' comfort, and there is often conflict between the pairs. This heron has just chased one of the others down on to the island, where it landed in the bushes and was mobbed by Canada Geese.

After a long absence, a pair of Mandarins has turned up again on the Long Water.

Sometimes when they are not on the lake you can get a glimpse of one or two in the bushes opposite Peter Pan, but in this case it seems likely that they were up the Regent's Canal west of the zoo, where there is a small colony. Presumably this started with escapes from the Regent's Park collection.

There are plenty of Red-Crested Pochards at the Serpentine island. As with the Mandarin, their numbers vary widely and suddenly, and again I think that we share the population with Regent's Park.

A young Herring Gull was trying to stand on one of the small plastic buoys at the Lido, which rocked precariously and it had to flap to keep its balance. Only small Black-Headed Gulls can stand securely on these things.

The water level in the Round Pond has fallen a few inches, exposing enough of the concrete edge under the kerb to allow Pied Wagtails to run around it looking for small creatures among the algae.

There was a small flock of Goldfinches in the trees around Kensington Palace. This is a male, with his red mask extending beyond his eyes. The female's red face is smaller.

A pair of Feral Pigeons were canoodling next to the Ranger's Lodge.

Spring is definitely in the air, and a Blackbird was singing in Westbourne Terrace, the first I have heard this year.

The male Tawny Owl was keeping up his vigil on the nest tree.

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