Saturday 29 November 2014

Two young Herring Gulls were quarrelling over the ownership of a toy. There have been plenty of pictures of gulls with toys such as stones and bits of wood, but this one seems to be an actual human toy. I think it is one of those Playmobil figures that fits into a socket in the driving seat of a toy car, held upside down.

There were a few Redwings in the rowan tree on Buck Hill. They were outsized by the Song Thrushes, Mistle Thrushes and Blackbirds in the tree, and only got an occasional chance to take a berry.

You can't clearly see the reddish stripe along its side, but the pale eye stripes show what it is.

For comparison, here is one of the Song Thrushes, with an eye ring rather than a stripe.

There were three Green Woodpeckers on the Archery Field. They warily kept their distance and would not come into the same picture.

Both Little Owls came out at different times. This is the female, who appeared shortly before sunset.

She is showing more off-white eyebrow than usual, and at first I thought she was the shaggy-browed male, but a comparison of their patterns shows that it is her. Although the female is larger than the male, you can't be sure of that when they appear singly, especially as they can fluff their feathers up and increase in size.

The male Tawny Owl also came out of his nest tree as the light faded.

One of the young Great Crested Grebes at Peter Pan was having a stretch when a Coot came up from behind to shoo it away.

Here are the eight young Egyptian Geese and their parents crossing the Round Pond at sunset.

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