Saturday 22 November 2014

It was a dull grey day, which was a shame because there was a lot of activity in the rowan tree on Buck Hill. You can only get good photographs of birds in this tree when the sun is shining, so you will have to make do with poor ones.

There were five species of thrush in the tree at once:
Song Thrush ...

... Mistle Thrush ...

... Blackbird ...

... Redwing ...

... and Fieldfare.

There are a lot of Song Thrushes in the park; there must have been an arrival of migrants. Two of them, encouraged by the mild temperature, were singing at each other near the bridge.

A Dunnock was hopping around on the wall of the Sunken Garden.

The female Tawny Owl was in her usual place on the beech tree. She woke up when five photographers arrived and stared at them with mild curiosity.

The male Little Owl was also on his favourite branch, but in a slightly different place that made him harder to see among the twigs.

The female Little Owl was in the next tree, but we accidentally disturbed her and she flew away.

Here, as a change from so many grey pictures, is a splendid one taken by Andy Sunters, showing a Jay in full flight snatching a peanut from my fingers.

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