Tuesday, 19 August 2014

There were three Hobbies flying around and perching in the plane trees near the Physical Energy statue.

I couldn't get all of them in the same picture, but Paul Turner managed to on Sunday.

It is a pity from a photographer's point of view that these trees are 80 ft tall and the birds are always at the top, but these birds tend to go for the highest possible perch.

The Great Crested Grebes nesting on the east side of the Vista have two chicks, already out of the nest and being carried about while the other parent catches fish for them. Here they return to the nest and find themselves having to evict two Red Crested Pochard drakes. The one on the nest glanced nervously over his shoulder at the advancing beaks, and left quickly.

Later they went farther up the Long Water to Peter Pan, where there are more fish.

There was a large flock of Long-Tailed Tits on the path near Peter Pan, taking other small insect-eating birds along with them. One of these was a Coal Tit, which started singing but kept out of sight in the bushes. Here one of the Long-Tailed Tits inspects the underside of a twig for insects.

In the Italian Garden, one of the young Coots was vigorously shredding a waterlily leaf. It didn't eat any of it, and seemed to be just following a Coot's natural instinct to tear up vegetation.

At the east end of the Serpentine, the Tufted duckling and its Mallard stepmother were going along the edge of the Lido restaurant terrace attracting admiration and bread.

The young Grey Wagtail was still hunting along the edge of the reed rafts.

There was another wagtail on the fallen horse chestnut tree on the Long Water which we thought it was another Grey Wagtail -- there are at least three in the lake at the moment -- but the picture shows that it is a young Pied Wagtail still in grey juvenile plumage.

We are not seeing many Pied Wagtails at the moment. Now that the Round Pond is filled to the brim, the new kerb leaves hardly any places for them to run along the edge of the water, and the constant disturbance from commercial events on the Parade Ground has driven them out of their main territory.

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