Wednesday, 13 August 2014

There are several new broods of Great Tits chasing their parents and clamouring for food. It seems that some pairs have bred twice, taking advantage of this year's plentiful supply of insects.

The Long-Tailed Tits have assembled in large flocks foraging through the trees and taking other tits and small insect-eating birds along with them. They will stay in this formation during the autumn and winter.

These pictures were taken on the east side of the Long Water. A Hobby was circling overhead, but the small birds were safe enough in the trees.

Near the bridge, the seven young Mute Swans had assembled to eat willow leaves, one of their favourite foods.

This adult preferred pizza, and stuck its long neck over the railings of the Lido restaurant while a diner fed it with his fork.

A visitor gave a Canada Goose a slice of sourdough rye bread, which it abandoned after one nibble. A Greylag with more adapable tastes ate the rest. But all the birds liked cholla.

The three Great Crested Grebe chicks were keeping close in to the shore of the island.

I looked for the grebes' nest on the west side of the Long Water, but it is well hidden in the bushes and completely invisible.

A feather-ruffling breeze kept the male Little Owl in shelter, but he came out on his usual branch in the mid-afternoon.

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