Monday, 17 October 2016

A Treecreeper appeared when we were feeding the Nuthatches in the leaf yard. They are all over the park wherever there are trees, but they are small, well camouflaged, quiet and shy, and are usually not noticed.

The Nuthatches kept coming down for more nuts, taking them away to hide in a tree.

A Coal Tit also collected a good quantity.

Both the Little Owls were visible, the female in the nest tree ...

... and the male in the next chestnut tree up the hill.

A visit to the rowan trees on Buck Hill produced the usual Mistle Thrushes ...

... and this small bird. I couldn't see what it was when I was photographing it, but it turned out to be a female Blackcap.

A Feral Pigeon was enjoying a shower in the marble fountain in the Italian Garden.

Moorhens were fighting near Bluebird Boats. You don't see them fighting as often as Coots, simply because there are fewer of them. But they fight in the same way, kicking and jumping on each other, and are nearly as aggressive.

Nearby, one of the youngest Great Crested Grebe chicks was still being fed by its devoted parents.

A Mute Swan had decided to go to sleep in the middle of the Lido restaurant terrace, just to show that swans rule. Everyone was politely walking round the other side of the table.

At the Dell restaurant, the young Grey Heron gazed heavenwards hoping to be granted a bit of pizza.

The mysterious fungus near the Italian Garden turns out to be a Brown Rollrim, Paxillus involutus. I had never heard of this species. Thanks to Catherine Beazley for identifying it.

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