Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Common Gull was enjoying the favourite gull game of landing on another gull's perch and pushing it off. It's easier when the victim is a smaller Black-Headed Gull.

Two Grey Herons were playing the same game on the roof of one of the small boathouses.

The young heron at the Dell restaurant had had no luck begging at the tables, and flew off to see if it could find anything in the reed bed.

A Great Crested Grebe chick chased a parent holding a fish for at least 50 yards on the Long Water. It was clear that the adult wanted the fish for itself. But eventually parental instinct prevailed, and the chick got yet another fish.

This one came racing up to be fed, and all it got was a feather. However, they do instinctively eat feathers from the moment they are hatched, and these are necessary for their digestive system.

One of the young Moorhens in the Dell was amusing itself by climbing over the little waterfall in the middle of the stream. They have the mountaineering instinct from the start.

A Cormorant scratched its ear on a post near the island.

A skein of Greylag Geese came down on the Serpentine.

Most of the Shovellers on the lake are immature males. You expect ducks to have more males than females, but why are so many of them young?

In the Rose Garden, a Rose-Ringed Parakeet was stripping out the seeds from a catalpa pod

The pair of Nuthatches in the leaf yard showed up as soon as I started feeding the tits.

The female Little Owl was looking out of her hole.

I haven't seen the male for a while, but the pair could be heard calling to each other yesterday.


  1. Hi Ralph,

    just to say we tried to do the kind thing today and ordered some pricey bird seed food for our starlings, several different types, we tried to give them some today but they are so used to eating junk that it all got wasted. They completely ignored it but as soon as you threw a small piece of bread they fight over it.

    1. Yes, I'm afraid London birds have very corrupted tastes.