Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Hobbies appeared several times today, and I managed to get a shot of three on the same branch -- not well posed, but at least it shows they were there.

Yesterday one of them was trailing what looked like a bit of string, and I was worried that it had got its leg tangled, but today they all seemed clear so the bird must have managed to get it off.

The seven young Mute Swans from the Long Water have stopped going around in a single group, and were wandering around both lakes. A couple of them on the Serpentine made a brief and unsuccessful attempt to fly, which I was not quick enough to catch, so all I can offer is a picture of another two eating reeds. Swans have slightly serrated bills, and can rip up tough vegetation with ease.

It will be a few weeks before this Mallard duckling in the Italian Garden will be able to take off, but it was exercising its rapidly growing wings.

The single Great Crested Grebe chick at the east end of the Serpentine was poking around in the plants in one of the floating rafts. Grebes don't eat plants; it might have been looking for insects on the leaves, but probably it was just a young bird exploring a new world.

A Pied Wagtail was wandering around the platform of Bluebird Boats.

This apparently barren area is quite popular with these insect-eating birds, because there are bugs in the joints between the planks.

A pair of Blue Tits were bathing in the little muddy pool in the Flower Walk.


  1. You were very lucky to get a picture of the Hobbys Ralph. I have yet to spot any of them so well done. I was briefly in the park today and the 7 young swans were with their father in the Long Water where it opens out opposite the sculpture. I was worried that there was no sign of their mother but your comment was re-assuring that she has just moved away.

    1. I definitely saw the swans' mother today. At one time the young ones had separated into groups of five and two, one group with each parent. But they are also going around independently.