Thursday 22 February 2024

Owl in the rain

Heavy rain started Song Thrushes singing all over the park. This one was in a treetop by the Serpentine Lodge.

Another sang from a tree by the Henry Moore sculpture ...

... and there was an indistinct view of one in a holly tree by the bridge.

A Great Tit came out of a yew tree to apply for a pine nut.

The Grey Wagtail was hunting midges from a post by the bridge.

Surprisingly, the female Little Owl by the Serpentine Gallery had ventured out of her hole in the old sweet chestnut tree. The stump of an overhanging branch provides some shelter, and I've seen an owl here on rainy days before.

The Black-Headed Gull EZ73323 has had an encounter with Bill Haines and now wears one of his plastic rings, Blue 2331. It didn't look pleased.

Pigeon Eater went round a group of feeding Feral Pigeons looking for one that wasn't paying attention. He didn't find one while I was there.

One of the Grey Heron parents was standing in the nest with the two youngsters.

A young Cormorant at Peter Pan realised that it would be useless to try to dry its wings.

A Moorhen prospected for food in the puddles in the Italian Garden.

A pair of Coots have started to nest in one of the planters.

The killer Mute Swan was in the water below, near the nesting island.

He saw some swans that had boldly strayed under the bridge and went with his mate to chase them off. I didn't get a picture as I was on the wrong side of the bushes.

The male Egyptian at the Henry Moore was alone again. I can't believe that his mate is nesting again already, but that's how it looks.

The male in the Italian Garden, also with a nesting mate, took advantage of the rain to have a preen.

So did a pair of Gadwalls on the Serpentine.

The Pochard x Tufted Duck hybrid cruised past the Lido. This time he was in a group of Pochards, not with Tufted Ducks as when he last appeared.

This clump of daffodils under a tree near the Italian Garden was privately planted as a memorial. Sometimes you also see a bunch of cut flowers here.


  1. Great news about the thrushes. Had intended to make a visit to The Gardens today, but had no protection against the rain - hoping things are a lot drier tomorrow :)

    1. It was no day to be out. I got soaked through.

    2. Got soaked three times yesterday, but the birds have to be fed! ;)

    3. And they seldom say thank you.