Saturday 4 November 2023

Little Owl out again

A sunny morning brought the Little Owl at the Round Pond back to her favourite branch.

A Jackdaw regarded the camera gravely from a nearby tree.

There were plenty of Jays around after they had finished their work of burying acorns: two in a tree near the Queen's Temple ...

... and one on the ground.

A Carrion Crow made off with a piece of bread at the Lido restaurant ...

... but the main players here were the Starlings. One had a chip, their favourite snack, and was chased by the others till it fled to a tree to enjoy its prize.

Another liked tomato ketchup.

The young Grey Heron looked up appealingly at some diners on the terrace, hoping to be given a titbit.

I can't resist photographing the Blue Tits in the Flower Walk.

The female Peregrine was alone again. Let's hope this moody bird hasn't had a falling out with her mate.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull was eyeing up a possible victim. It saw him in time and flew off.

A young Herring Gull played with the broken top of a bottle.

A Cormorant preened on a post at Peter Pan, using its foot to do the feathers it couldn't reach.

There were five species on the posts: two Cormorants, a Grey Heron, a Lesser Black-Backed Gull, a Common Gull, and five Black-Headed Gulls plus another flying.

This pair of Egyptians are permanent residents at the Diana memorial fountain. People call them Charles and Di. It's impossible not to reflect that if Diana had stuck with Charles she would be Queen and not need a memorial for some time.

Shovellers rested on the gravel strip at the Vista.

The equestrian statue on the Vista is called Physical Energy. It is the last work of the painter G.F. Watts (1817--1904) and only his second sculpture, and it seems likely that the effort of making this huge work killed the aged artist. A group of modern people beside it risked the same fate.


  1. I have not been to the park for a while because of exams...
    If something interesting does pop up, I am sure to find some time to see something

    1. If it does it'll be on the blog. All the news that's fit to print, and some that isn't.

  2. Now that you mention it, the daily entries are indeed like the Park's official newspaper. We have the art section, the society section, the sports section, and sometimes even the crime section!