Tuesday 24 October 2023


Perhaps surprisingly, the little olive tree at the Lido restaurant has produced some olives. They are rock hard and unlikely to ripen any further in the English climate, but Wood Pigeons don't mind that and this one was bolting them down stone and all.

The mild sunshine brought out some Feral Pigeons to bask in the grass on Buck Hill.

There was a beautifully marbled one on the shore near the Serpentine island.

On the path at the foot of Buck Hill three Robins had accidentally got too close together and were chasing each other round the trees. I got hasty shots of two of them.

A Wren near Peter Pan was protesting loudly as usual.

A Pied Wagtail looked a bit windswept on the roof of one of the boathouses.

The Little Owl at the Round Pond was out in her usual spot in the top of the horse chestnut tree. For the past few weeks she's always been in more or less the same place, but the moment you start assuming an owl is going to stay there it gets bored and goes off somewhere else.

More Common Gulls have arrived, with two on the posts at Peter Pan and a third on the buoys at the Lido. I haven't found any at the Round Pond yet but that is the place where they usually gather.

A Black-Headed Gull ringed by Bill Haines, Orange 2V80, stood on the gravel strip in the Round Pond. I was looking at all the Black-Headed Gulls I could find to see if the Mediterranean Gull was among them, but without success.

A Cormorant preened its neck with a foot on a post at Peter Pan.

A young Grey Heron stood by the lake at the Triangle car park, hoping a fish would incautiously come close to the edge.

The youngest Great Crested Grebe chick from the island now has a little black crest, but it's still dependent on its parents. Mother looks after it while father goes fishing.

The Moorhens in the Dell were back together.

Egyptian Geese made the most of the doomed grass on the Parade Ground before the area is plated over and becomes part of the Winter Wasteland.

A clump of Baby Sage in the Rose Garden attracted a Buff-Tailed Bumblebee ...

... and several Honeybees.


  1. Olives and bees in late October !!..amusing shot of the cormorant.....(if only the Cheshire birds were as obliging as the London ones !!!......).regards, Stephen...

    1. I've got pictures of Buff-Tailed Bumblebees in every month of the year. They are tough creatures and the sheltered Rose Garden with flowers all year round is an ideal spot for them.

  2. Yes, I imagine that they are...yet further evidence of global warming ?.......I have to satisfy myself with sightings of stonechats and white-tailed eagles !!!......regards, Stephen..

    1. 'Global warming' is a religion and no more. Any 'evidence' is faked.

  3. The ultimate "fake news" then?.......Stephen..

    1. Well, there's also the carefully orchestrated Covid 'pandemic'. It's a reasonable estimate that the 'vaccine' has killed 17 million people so far.

    2. Someone asked me once what I thought about the winter wasteland and I said, "Other than burning money there is no quicker way to spend a lot and get little in return." They then asked, "Would you recommend going there?" I thought that obviously not. The sad thing is that are so many better cheaper things to do nearby.

    3. Not sure whether your interlocutor was a bit dim or being sarcastic.