Tuesday 23 May 2023

Chaffinch song

A male Chaffinch sang his simple song in the treetops by the Speke obelisk.

Long-Tailed Tits flitted through the trees near the Round Pond.

A male Blackcap near the leaf yard carried a midge for the chicks.

A Robin near the Henry Moore sculpture had several midges.

I haven't seen a young Robin yet, but Mark Williams found one in St James's Park.

Ahmet Amerikali photographed a male House Sparrow at Russia Dock Woodland. It was attending a nest, so perhaps we shall have pictures of the fledglings.

The female Little Owl at the Round Pond appeared in a horse chestnut tree at my second visit. She moved as soon as I looked at her, and I was lucky to find her in a different place.

A Carrion Crow had seized an unfortunate Egyptian gosling from a family on the Long Water and was eating it on Buck Hill.

But the two large Egyptian families on the Serpentine are intact. The parents of the seven goslings threaded their way cautiously between two Canada Geese ...

... and one of the eleven strayed from the heap and went off to browse on algae at the edge of the lake.

There are now five cygnets in the Mute Swans' nest east of the Lido. Three were on the nest with their mother while their father took two for a little excursion on the lake.

The Great Crested Grebes at the island were indignant when a Coot perched on their nest, and harassed it till it left. If they had any sense they would leave the Coot for a while and allowed it to strengthen and enlarge their sloppy nest, and then take it back for their own use. But that is not the kind of thing that occurs to grebes.

Another grebe came right to the edge of the lake for a rest.

The three Coot chicks from the nest in the boathouse were on the edge on the other side.

But there are still only two chicks in the nest at the bridge. A parent fed one of them.

The Coots at the nest by the Lido restaurant examined the pizza menu.


  1. I've long had suspicions that they can read. They only choose not to show it.
    Puzzling that, out of the 19 eggs, only 2 chicks should have hatched. It cannot be that the rest of the eggs were infertile or got too cold and killed the embryos, right?

    1. My best guess at the moment is that the second female laid a lot of eggs much later than the first. But that becomes increasingly unlikely as nothing happens.