Friday 17 March 2023

The Little Grebe is still with us

A Chiffchaff flitted around in a horse chestnut tree near the Henry Moore sculpture. They nest in the brambles here.

A Wren perched on a fallen branch in the woodland across the path.

The Long-Tailed Tits nesting near the Italian Garden were dashing through the trees.

There are still plenty of Redwings near the Round Pond.

When the morning rain stopped the Little Owl came out in his usual horse chestnut tree.

The Blackbird in the Rose Garden is still very nervous but can be persuaded to take raisins on the ground.

The paperbush in the Flower Walk provided a backdrop for the familiar tatty Blue Tit ...

... a smart one ...

... and a Honeybee.

A male Chaffinch was digging in the grass looking for insects.

A Wood Pigeon wandered through the crocuses by the Albert Memorial.

Two Carrion Crows enjoyed leftovers at the Lido restaurant.

The young Grey Herons on the island have now reached the stage of walking around the edge of their nest. Soon they will be out and climbing in the branches. This looks perilous as they can't fly yet, but I've never seen one of these well-balanced birds lose its footing.

A fine picture by Virginia of a Cormorant flying in evening sunshine.

The Little Grebe hasn't left the park. Duncan Campbell saw it today on the Long Water.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes poked around in the Coots' nest under the bridge while its owners were away. They were looking for insects. The grebes haven't yet started nesting themselves. When they do they'll be back stealing twigs.

A dramatic picture by Virginia of an Egyptian Goose charging a rival. This was taken at the Round Pond, where the Egyptians are particularly aggressive because they can see each other across the open pond.

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