Saturday 19 November 2022

A crow wins some crisps

A Carrion Crow extracted crisps from a packet that I think was full when it stole it, as the only opening was in the bottom and there were other crows eating crisps nearby.

A very bright and smart Blue Tit came out in the Flower Walk.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits dashed along the edge of the Serpentine and over the bridge.

Ahmet Amerikali photographed a Wren in the Rose Garden. There are a lot of Wrens here but they're shy and hard to see.

There was a momentary glimpse of a Goldcrest in a tree near Peter Pan.

An odd couple of a Herring Gull and a Lesser Black-Backed Gull moaned affectionately at each other beside the Serpentine.

A young Herring Gull found some sticks to play with.

The oldest of our three Black-Headed Gulls from Poland, T4UN, stood on the shore.

A Grey Heron stalked along the edge of the stream in the Dell.

The Little Grebe could be seen at a distance across the Long Water from Peter Pan. I really think it's here all the time, just seldom visible as it lurks under the bushes.

A Great Crested Grebe was fishing near the island.

The ultra-blond Egyptians haven't been seen on the Serpentine for a while, but one of them turned up at the Round Pond.

The number of Pochards, which peaked at around 60, is falling. Some moved on to the Serpentine a couple of days ago and now seem to have flown away, but there are still a few left on the Long Water.

A good picture by Ahmet of a Mallard in flight.

You have to be tall to be a model.

The background is the alcove at the Italian Garden designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It was originally part of the view south from Kensington Palace, but when houses were built along Kensington Road in the 19th century residents complained about having to look at its humble brick back, and it was moved. There is now a little cottage behind the apse, which must have some very odd shaped rooms with a convex bulge in the walls.


  1. There are so many fashion and commercials shots in the park. Perhaps too many. I long for the day when a squadron of swans will decide to take matters in hand, or rather beak.

    It's a good thing the tatty Blue Tit didn't pose side by side with this bright beautiful fellow. It would have been cruel to compare, and besides we love our tatty old surivivor.


    1. The tatty Blue Tit frequents the same tree. But it's almost impossible to get two into the same shot, or at least into one worth publishing.

      If you remember, a few weeks ago I had a picture where the model was actually posing with one of the Italian Garden swans.

    2. Impressed by the crow. I think I would describe the Herring and LBB gulls as "bickering"... Lovely shots as always

    3. With gulls pair display is often hard to distinguish from rivalry.

    4. So true in many other species :-)