Friday, 17 June 2022

Owlet standing tall

Both adult Little Owls at the Round Pond were visible: the male ...

... and the female, at different times on their favourite dead branch in a horse chestnut tree which gives a good view of the ground.

One of the owlets stood tall on the dead tree.

At the Serpentine Gallery I could only find the female, who was in the same sweet chestnut as yesterday but flew into another at my approach.

On a hot day a Wood Pigeon cooled off in the Serpentine.

A Blackcap in the Flower Walk perched in a red-leafed cherry tree ...

... and in this picture by Tom of a Coal Tit carrying a caterpillar it was a red hazel that provided the background.

A Wren perched on an acanthus.

A Jay arrived to claim a peanut.

This male Grey Wagtail at the top of the Dell waterfall is the father of the two chicks that hatched here.

The Coots at Peter Pan have done a remarkable job in keeping their four chicks alive for so long. The chicks are now putting on a growth spurt and will soon be safe from gulls.

A parent and a chick preened together on a board.

The dominant male Mute Swan on the Long Water didn't like a Grey Heron perching on his island.

The three Egyptian goslings at the Vista are now large, medium and small. The smaller two are siblings, the large one accidentally adopted.

A head-on view of a Speckled Wood butterfly.

After yesterday's exotic damselflies, today just a Common Blue, but they are very pretty.

Buff-Tailed Bumblebees visited the cornflowers in the wildflower patch in the Rose Garden.


  1. Gosh, the flying teddy bear. I would pet it if I could.

    Isn't the female Little Owl ferociously gorgeous?