Thursday 28 April 2022

The first Reed Warblers

A Reed Warbler sang in the reed bed below the Diana fountain.

Another was singing in the reeds on the east side of the Vista.

A Robin had found a worm in the Flower Walk and was chopping it into sections to make it possible for the small bird to swallow it.

A Blackbird threw dead leaves around vigorously looking for insects and worms.

Another sang in the top of a lime tree on Buck Hill.

At the bottom of the hill one of the nesting Long-Tailed Tits paused for a moment in an oak.

A Greenfinch was singing in its wheezy way near the bridge.

Two Herring Gulls on the Serpentine disagreed about the ownership of a catapult handle.

Wood Pigeons ate pink hawthorn flowers in the Rose Garden.

A Great Crested Grebe found a small fish at the top of the Long Water, but had to travel almost the whole length of the lake to deliver it to the chick -- only the last seconds of the journey are shown. When the chick is a little older it will be taken to the fishing ground to save travelling time.

The Coots' nest at the bridge has four eggs in it.

The Coot shuffled around in the nest to find a comfortable position for sitting on them.

The Coot nesting at Peter Pan was not at all comfortable, since it was between a Grey Heron and a Lesser Black-Backed Gull.

The Greylag Geese on the Serpentine have managed to keep their single gosling out of the reach of the gulls for another day ...

... and the Canadas on the Long Water still have four.

The Mute Swans nesting on the Serpentine island have their first egg. The male was guarding it.

A female Hairy-Footed Flower Bee homed in on a Chilean Iris.


  1. Do they want to use that catapult handle as a toy? Maybe that's why they are bickering over it.

    1. Yes, exactly. It's just the right size for playing with, and makes a tinkly noise when dropped on the granite kerb.