Friday 8 October 2021

The young Grey Wagtail hatched at the Lido seems to be a permanent resident now. It flew in from the Serpentine and strolled around the top of the  Dell waterfall, occasionally jumping off to catch a passing midge.

A Robin sang in a treetop near the bridge.

The male Peregrine was back on the crane in Knightsbridge.

Two Carrion Crows had a wash in the Serpentine, supervised by a Canada Goose.

Another crow preened its mate on a weeping beech in front of ...

... the mosaic of the spirit of Architecture on the Albert Memorial. She is holding an elevation of the structure: 'Honestly, George, you're going to build something that looks like that?'

Usually this holly branch at the bridge has half a dozen Feral Pigeons on it, but today a Grey Heron wanted it, and you can't say no to a heron.

The Black-Headed Gull with ring number EZ73323 was back in its favourite place on the No Swimming sign.

In the water nearby the two Great Crested Grebe teenagers from the island were having a rest.

The wake of a passing powerboat made pretty reflections behind the Black Swan.

A Greylag Goose wandered under the sweet chestnut trees beside the Serpentine, looking for nuts missed by the Italian and Chinese nut gatherers who come in very early in the morning during the season. It found one eventually.

Blondie was back after a few days' absence. Her new mate was a few yards away. She seems to move around more after meeting him.

Joan Chatterley was in Battersea Park and found a female Wigeon. It may be the one we had on the Long Water a few days ago.

A Painted Lady butterfly perched on a Verbena bonariensis in the Flower Walk.

There are a lot of Common Carder bees at the moment. This one was on a scabious at the back of the Lido.


  1. The Spirit seems to be in poor spirits about the elevation. Very bad pun, I know.

    Does EZ73323 obey the prohibition, or does it blow a rapsberry in its general direction?

    1. Yes, the elevation has sent her into a depression. If the Memorial were a stone building, as it appears to be, it would instantly collapse as the thrust from the arches pushed the columns outwards. Actually it consists of a massive iron frame clothed in stone. It isn't really a building anyway, just a giant version of a medieval saint's reliquary, with gold trimmings and glass 'jewels' the size of your head.

      I suspect that EZ73323 has never learnt to read. Idle bird.